About the Campaign

2020 has posed quite the challenge for art venues within the non-profit sector. Our organizations depend heavily upon contributions from event-based fund-raising endeavors and a multitude of funding sources. During this pandemic, River Oaks Arts Center has now cancelled two main fund-raising efforts, Men Who Cook and The Van Gogh Gala. Along with revenue generating exhibitions, which have also been curtailed, these annual special events support the overall mission of our organization. The absence of these critical funding streams presents a financial challenge to the Arts Center and its artists.    

Donate today, share our campaign and become a fundraiser to ensure River Oaks successfully emerges from this pandemic with its renowned artists, world class exhibitions, and the staff that support them intact.

River Oaks is a place for me to escape the frustrations of every day life and come and be free to create!! It also provides an outlet for me to converse with other artists, learn new techniques and be inspired. Although I paint full time, I almost never feel as though I’m working. River Oaks is my happy place!!

Elizabeth Morgan

River Oaks is so important to me because it has helped me in reaching my art and business goals. It is also a place where children and young adults can come and begin their own artistic careers and be exposed to art disciplines they wouldn’t necessarily get in school. River Oaks welcomes all artists that want to explore their creative process and offers them a venue for exposure. Alexandria has led the way – there isn’t this type of facility in other major cities like Lafayette or Baton Rouge – we are lucky to have a place like this. It is an artistic business incubator.

Lynn Sanders

Art comes in many forms. No matter the medium, collaborating with other makers is one of the most important elements to being successful with your craft. River Oaks has made that collaboration possible for me. This is my first year at River Oaks and I’m truly humbled to be a part of this amazing creative community.

Leah Morace


20 Contemporary Visual Art Exhibitions annually, featuring over 175 artists from across the U.S. 

Summer Camp

Largest Visual Art Summer Program for youth ages 5-13

Studio Space

Studio Residency for 35 artists 


Gallery Gift Shop featuring works from artists across the Southern Region


Creative Hub of Central Louisiana for over 35 Years

Onsite Arts Academy

Professional art instructors from across the country keep our art community on the cutting edge


Community Events highlighting and advocating for the advancement of Visual Arts

Outreach – ART for ALL

Year-long Outreach Programs for youth, under-served populations, students with learning modalities, and seniors in residential living facilities.