About the Show

River Oaks Celebrates 8th Annual 5x5x5 Miniature Exhibition and Art Outreach

Central Louisiana is once again home to one of the most anticipated art events of the year. The 8th Annual 5x5x5 Show National Call for Miniature Works at River Oaks is not just a showcase for the local arts community, but a testament to the widespread reach and appeal of this unique show. With entries pouring in from as close as Alexandria and Pineville to as distant as Portland, Oregon, and Bellevue, Washington, this year’s exhibition truly encapsulates a national spirit.

The #Triple5, as it’s fondly called, has evolved into a nationwide phenomenon, drawing artists from every corner of the country to submit their masterpieces. The tight constraint of fitting their creativity within a mere 25 square inches or a 5-inch cube is what makes this show a unique challenge. It’s not just about the art; it’s about the mastery of expressing vast emotions, stories, and expressions within a limited space.

“Every year, the 5x5x5 Show redefines boundaries and challenges perceptions,” says Rachael Dauzat, Executive Director at River Oaks. “It’s a testament to the sheer depth of talent and creativity that can be expressed in just a few square inches. This year’s entries stand as a poignant reminder yet again that art knows no bounds, and inspiration can be found in the smallest of canvases.”

This year, River Oaks Arts Center has the honor of hosting Tom Richard as its Guest Juror. A renowned mixed media artist, Richard’s exhibition “Bubble Gum on Art Series 2022” blends historical references with spontaneous processes, unraveling narratives that dwell between history and the present. By overlaying illusionistic bubble gum on images from old art history textbooks, Richard ingeniously transforms monochrome to vibrant color, bridging the chasm between appropriation and originality, and infusing the gravity of historical artworks with a touch of whimsy.

Alongside adjudicating the submissions for the 5x5x5, Richard will also be offering his knowledge and unique artistic perspectives through a workshop titled “Messin’ with Art.” Scheduled for November 9th & 10th, participants will be offered a unique opportunity to rework images of existing art pieces, adding their own interpretations and layers, echoing the transformative essence of Richard’s own art.

Meanwhile in the Galerie des Amis, Charissa Owens will present her latest exhibition, “L’amour de la Vie” – a tribute to “The Love of Living.” This collection reflects Owens’ deeply rooted affection for life’s simple moments: from the ethereal dance of fireflies to the silhouettes of plants swaying in the summer breeze. Her pieces, rich with botanical motifs and textured abstracts, are a serene blend of muted pinks, blues, grays, and greens. The exhibition doesn’t just showcase her artistry but also her unique philosophy: to cherish every moment and embrace the pure joy of existence. As she aptly captures in the spirit of the show, true artistry stems from a profound love for life.

Finally in the Stokes-Harris Gallery, River Oaks presents the 2023 ART for ALL Ceramics & Painting Outreach Program Exhibition. In collaboration with The ARC Rapides, Bolton High SPED, OLS Community Homes, and Pecan Grove Training Center, this program once again demonstrates the universality of artistic expression. Guided by the dedicated Lindsay B. Moore, students from these centers, each with their own learning modalities, were immersed in a world of color, shape, and texture. The program showcases the students’ diverse abilities channeled into artistic capability and expression. The artworks produced are vivid, imaginative, and passionate, a testament to the idea that art knows no bounds, and creativity can bloom from every soul.

The exhibitions will be on display November 9, 2023 until February 3, 2024. An opening reception along with juror remarks for the 5x5x5 show is scheduled for Thursday, November 9, 5-7pm. The exhibition opening is sponsored by GAEDA, The Hotel Bentley, Roy O Martin Foundation, Red River Bank, Rapides Regional Medical Center, Louisiana Charities Trust, The Rotary Club of Alexandria, LA Division of the Arts, Central LA Community Foundation, LA Project Grant & Arts Council of Central LA.

For more details on the exhibition, workshops, and other events, call (318) 473-2670, visit riveroaksartscenter.com or Rover Oaks Arts Center on Facebook.