About the Show

2020 Annual 5x5x5 Miniature Art Exhibition

River Oaks Square Art Center’s 5th Annual 5x5x5 Show, with Guest Juror Virginia Chavis, opens Friday, November 13, 2020 and will run through February 13, 2021. The #Triple5 has become a national miniature art phenomenon in its own right, this year garnering nearly three hundred entries from across the U.S.   After a careful selection process, over 75 works of art will be featured in the Bolton-Davis Gallery at River Oaks along with a virtual component to the exhibition, www.RiverOaksVirtualExhibitions.com.

The premise of the 5x5x5 Show is to create a two- or three-dimensional piece of art no larger than 5-inches square or fitting in a 5-inch cube respectively. These parameters challenge the artist to bring his or her best creative work within a limited space.  “This small art spectacle has become a signature feature for the arts center, allowing many patrons to add to their expanding collections from artists across the country,” says Rachael Dauzat, Executive Director.  “I am reminded why this annual presentation continues to be one of my personal favorites – one, we have room to include these in our collections and two, miniatures create an intimacy between the viewer and the work.  An inevitable study ensues as the viewing proximity forms a connection that only miniature works seem to accomplish through their minute details.”

In this fifth inception of River Oaks Annual Miniature Exhibition, the furthest entry comes from Dana Fadoum of Olympia, Washington, while the closest entry comes from right here at the Arts Center.  Over 290 entries were received for this year’s artist call. Notably, the most entries from one state, not including our own, come from New Mexico with seven entries.  The Arts Center has been recognized, both nationally and internationally, among our artist peers and with fellow museums/galleries in reference to the caliber of work featured and the reach of these broad artist calls.  

About the Guest Juror

Our Guest Juror for 2020 is Virginia Rougon Chavis, a designer, artist, educator and lover of all things printed. Originally from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, she has been a part of the faculty Ole Miss since January 2002. She earned her MFA in graphic design from Savannah College of Art & Design. Working with contemporary technology and historical letterpress equipment, Virginia’s approachable works on paper push the limits between fine art and graphic design by combining text with metaphorical imagery.  She gathers inspiration from routine life experiences and looks for the irony in mundane situations, which are portrayed through the use of sarcasm and play on words. Symbols such as insects, toys or machines can be found to represent relatable individuals, emotions or events. The work generally combines digital and traditional printmaking processes, and often mixed media. In 2010, she was able to merge her love of design and typography with the handmade through letterpress printing while studying at Penland School of Crafts.  She brought this knowledge back to the University of Mississippi, where she has incorporated letterpress classes into the design and art curriculum.  

Visit our show link below and share away! Interested in a cup, click the image to highlight the artist name and website or contact us (via email/messenger) at the Arts Center for additional info.